Santo Antão
the island of  hikers and mountaineers

  Cape Verde Islands - Cabo Verde
Downhill in serpentines

Centuries old muletracks leed down from the altoplano (ca 1600m) to the green valleys of the northern coastline, crossing pinewood and subtropical forestes, slopes with steep meadows and agricultural areas with sugar cane, maize, manioc and mango trees on terraces.

Thatchroofed houses hide between the coffee plantations. The smallest of springs is carefully maintained in order to offer its water for a wide-streched irrigation scheme with its typical little water-channels, levadas.

Roaring Atlantic

is the ever present companion when hiking along the coastline of the North from the former colonical town of Ponta do Sol to the pitoresque village of Fontainhas, overlooking our path like from an eagles nest.
Deserted Volcano Landscape
is characteristic for the western altiplano and the highest summit, the Tope de Coroa (1979m).

A full days walk takes the hikers to the summit and back again, enjoying the view over the Barlavento islands.

In villages and little district towns
Bed and Breakfast is offerd by little guesthouses and private landlords.

See our page on  Accomodation.

Independant hiking
is possible on most tracks, thanks to our hiking maps and guides.


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Local Guides
are nevertheless strongly recommended on the more strenuous and remote tracks of the western altiplano.
Map and guidebook
Santo Antão


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Bergwanderungen durch subtropische Täler,
entlang wilder Küsten und durch vulkanische Landschaften.

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