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Tourist Information Lucete Fortes:

Lucete Fortes - Pitt Reitmaier

Mindelo - São Vicente

Avenida Marginal - Praça Aurélio Gonçalves
tel 00238 2324470
Kiosk at the waterfront between sailing club Clube Naútico und Ferry harbour
retail and whole sale

Porto Novo - Santo Antão

Gare Marítima
tel +238 2222517
at the groundfloor of Gare Marítima Ferry Building
retail and whole sale

Author and owner:

Lúcia Andrade Fortes
CP 721
2001 Mindelo
República de Cabo Verde
tel +238 2324470 / 2222517
hy +238 9954013
to e-mail form
* Manuel Lopes / Santo Antão / Cabo Verde

Author, cartographer and webmaster:

Dr. Pitt Reitmaier
Consultant in General Medicine / Tropical Medicine
scientific staff-member (retired)
Institute of Troical Hygiene and Public Health - University Heidelberg
In Cabo Verde since 1981 as practioner, consultant and scientist
* Oberstdorf / Allgäu / Germany


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